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DUI Lawyers Huntington Beach is also known as The Atias Law Group, P.C., a boutique firm exclusively handling DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs) and criminal law cases in Huntington Beach, CA and the surrounding areas

Naturally, our clients have many questions regarding the DUI laws in Huntington Beach. That is precisely why our attorneys are available for free telephone consultations. When you call our firm an Huntington Beach DUI Attorney will try to answer any and all of your questions. Our firm understands that being charged with a crime and fighting for your freedom are your top priorities and therefore your particular case is our priority as well.


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To ease the financial stress of the criminal fees, court fees, restitution and of course legal fees our firm offers a tremendous value for our services. Depending on your case, we will work with you to tailor a payment plan to ensure that the financial and legal difficulties are not compounded.

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The importance of communication and availability with your lawyer. The first hallmark a potential client such as yourself should be aware of is the availability of your attorney. The most common complaints our firm hears from potential clients is just how difficult it can be to reach an actual attorney, or worse, one they have already hired. The attorneys at the Atias Law Group are considered excellent Criminal Defense and DUI lawyers in Huntington Beach as noted in the countless positive reviews for our firm and , specifically because we maintain open and ongoing communication with our clients.

A second hallmark of a great Huntington Beach DUI Attorney and one The Atias Law Group takes very seriously is actually seeing your legal case through to the very end by helping our clients get their potential criminal convictions dismissed permanently through the process of expungement. This can take anywhere from 18-36 months, roughly half the time that cases resulting in probation require, before the Courts will honor expungment.

A third hallmark is the financial stress of the criminal fees, court fees, restitution and of course legal fees. Certainly, hiring a DUI Lawyer in Huntington Beach can be considerably expensive and that is precisely why our firm offers a tremendous value for our services. Depending on your case, we will work with you to tailor a payment plan to ensure that the financial and legal difficulties are not compounded.

A fourth hallmark is showing how much we care. While others may judge, at some point in our lives, we all make bad decisions, however, those decisions do not define who we are as people. One of the consequences of a DUI is the difficulty in driving to meet an Attorney for a free legal consultation. We have many satellite offices where we can meet you because of how difficult it is for someone charged with a DUI to drive.

One of the guiding principles of The Atias Law Group is to help our clients feel reassured and at peace, rather than stressed and anxious. That is one reason "DUI Lawyers Huntington Beach" is so well reviewed. We have established our headquarters in both Newport Beach and Anaheim, however we do maintain satellite offices throughout Huntington Beach, specificially to help those clients who have lost their drivers licenses as a result of the DUI, and specifically so that one of our attorneys can meet anywhere that is convenient for you. A DUI Lawyer servicing Huntington Beach should make your life less complicated and be able to meet you in any number of offices. Oren Atias, the managing attorney and founder of the firm, as well as his associates will happily meet with clients after their workday and even on weekends.

Our firm is dedicated to guiding our clients through each and every step (and there are many) to either reduce the criminal charges, mitigate the costs and fines or potentially have the case dismissed on the merits of innocence, due process and other Constitutional rights that may have been violated during the DUI arrest process.

Please understand and remember that you are not alone in being arrested for a crime.

First, a little background on "DUI Lawyers Huntington Beach". The founder, Oren Mark Atias, Esq. graduated at top of his class from University of California - Santa Barbara in 2003 participating in many activities and earning multiple academic awards. When deciding on a law school, Mr. Atias focused more on location and community, and decided on Whittier Law School in Costa Mesa, CA. While attending Whittier Law School, Mr. Atias was selected to be a Dean's Fellow, mentoring incoming law students on test taking skills and provided valuable lessons on how to adapt to life as a law student.

If you have been charged with DUI, then you are probably asking yourself whether you should spend the money and hire an attorney? That is a personal decision, and again we refuse to scare clients into retaining our services, rather we offer free consultations and answer all of your questions, making us one of the few DUI law firms in Huntington Beach to do so. The Atias Law Group prides itself on being well reviewed because we all understand on a personal level how difficult it is to be arrested and charged with a crime. Depending on the type of DUI you have been charged with, having legal representation will often help mitigate the charges, penalties and fines. Mr. Atias as well as our Associate attorneys will examine the facts of your case, as well as your personal and legal history to help mount the strongest defense for your DUI case in Huntington Beach.

Our team of DUI Lawyers in Huntington Beach has handled over a thousand cases combined. We have experience with DUI for Alcohol, multiple DUIs, those involving a commercial license, those involving injury, DUI for Drugs or DUID, those for prescription drugs, for Xanax and Anxiety medications, for Oxycontin, Norco and Vicodin, for Methamphetamine, Opiates, Heroin and for Marijuana. Each of these DUI charges are approached differently. We employ a unique strategy tailored to each individual client's needs depending on their case. For example, in a DUI for Prescription Drugs case, we will determine if you were within the therapeutic range of the prescribed medication. We may decide to request a blood split sample from the toxicology lab to determine whether or not that range was within a legally allowable level. If it was, then we present that evidence to the District Attorney and make sure the case is either reduced or dimissed. If we have to take the DUI charge one step further to trial because a client decides it is in their best interest then our firm can handle that as well.

Why is DUI Lawyers Huntington Beach so well reviewed online? Why do clients facing DUI Charges in Huntington Beach consistently review and rate The Atias Law Group amongst the best in Huntington Beach?

1. Team Effort

Our office operates as a team. We have more than one attorney available to help examine even the most seemingly insignificant details of your case, we double check the police reports for inconsistencies, examine the breathalyzer machines used to determine your Blood Alcohol level and of course all of the facts and circumstances surrounding the probable cause leading to the arrest. Additionally, if the facts of your case necessitate, we will work with a team of experts, blood splitting specialists, crime labs, witnesses and consultants to determine the best argument for your DUI Defense in Huntington Beach.

2. DUI Lawyer Huntington Beach - Ask for a Free Consultation

We will begin with a free consultation where you will be able to speak directly with one of our attorneys. We will be able to discuss the charges that have been filed, the possible defenses that can be raised, as well as the possible punishments that can avoided. We do not charge for the initial consultation. It is the hallmark of a good law firm.

3. Getting to Work Immediately

If you decide that our firm is the right fit for your needs, we do not hesitate to start work immediately. When applicable to your specific case, our criminal defense lawyers will contact the DMV, the District Attorney's office, witnessess all in an effort to prevent the case from being filed and to help demonstrate early on why your DUI case should be refiled or dismissed based on the apparent evidence. We will contact the experts who may be able to help us prove you are not guilty.

4. Making Ourselves Available

Once hired as your attorneys, our firm makes sure that clients do not wait days or weeks to hear back from us regarding your questions and concerns. If you have something pressing we will make every effort to return your call or text promptly. We understand that sometimes clients have a new fact or idea that is pertinent to the case, and therefore it is just as pertinent to our firm.

5. Experienced DUI Lawyers Huntington Beach

Our firm employs both former Prosecutors and Public Defenders, criminal defense and DUI attorneys. If necessary we cosnult with attorneys who have been practicing for over 50 years. We believe that bth experience and relationship with the court help to contribute to a successful outcoem. Our team of attorneys has handled thousands of criminal cases combined. Let our experience help you in your legal matter.

You may be wondering, "How can we help win your case?"

Well, every DUI case has weaknesses. Judges know that. Prosecutors know that. We know that. Some of the various points that DUI Lawyers Huntington Beach can expose to help negotiate or win your case include the following:

1. Illegal traffic stops: Were you actually driving safely? Did you truly violate any laws? Or did the local Huntington Beach Sheriffs, California Highway Patrol or local Police agencies use the traffic stop as a pretext in violation of your Constitutional rights.

2. Lack of probable cause: Did the police have actual probable cause to stop and detain or to investigate you? Was there really evidence of criminal activity?

3. Violation of mandatory 15 minute observation period prior to breath test administration: In California, the arresting officer must watch you for a minimum of 15 uninterrupted minutes prior to giving you the breathalyzer test. If you had gum in your mouth, or recently ate food, the breath machines will often read inaccurately.

4. A rising blood alcohol level: It is scientific fact that alcohol levels can rise between the time you were driving and the time you were tested. DUI Lawyers Huntington Beach can potentially show that you were under the legal limit while actually driving the vehicle, but that by the time the breath test was given your level had risen above the legal limit.

5. Diabetic and other medical conditions causing false or unreliable breathalyzer results: The fact remains that people metabolize alcohol differently. People with certain health conditions may always register a higher Blood Alcohol Content. DUI Lawyers Huntington Beach can help show that your BAC was not directly related to the amount of alcohol you drank or how impaired you were, rather it was related to the specific conditions of your body.

6. Improper administration of field sobriety tests: Were your tests conducted on video? Did the officers properly administer the tests? Most people are not aware that the Instruction Guide for field sobriety tests actually states that no one passes or fails field sobriety tests. They are not considered a pass or fail exam. Additionally, we will examine the conditions of the tests. What kind of shoes were you wearing? Was the road you were tested on a smooth surface? Do you have other medical or physical issues that would have prevented you from doing the tests properly under even the best conditions? There is no "normal" person. The variety of field sobriety tests including the Horizontal Nystagmus test is given using an officers hand and a flashlight. It is not measured using scientific instruments. The officer is not a trained opthalmologist. There is a large margin of error on that test.

7. Another field sobriety test is the walk and turn test. Again, there are literally 100 factors that could make this test difficult for a person to properly perform. Many of our clients have medical issues that would make it impossible for them to take this kind of test anyway. Occasionally, when a client requests a trial, we will call in our own experts who can testify to the fact that the field sobriety tests are not scientifically valid to determine impairment, particularly a walk and turn test.

8. Defense of Necessity. This is often overlooked. We recently had a client who retained two prior DUI Attorneys that both failed to discover this defense. If you had to drive away from the scene of an assault, or a domestic violence issue, and you were under the influence, then you have a valid defense of necessity. Essentially, although you may have been driving under the influence you prevented a greater harm from occuring. That recent DUI, a second for our client was dismissed by showing medical proof of the assault being reported on the same night as the arrest. DUI Lawyers Huntington Beach goes the extra mile. Give us a call if you want straight forward answers. Remember, you are not alone.